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Student Ambassadors

  • • You must be available to visit a school in North Central Florida any day April 22 – 26. This visit will likely take most of one day when factoring in travel and teaching time. You will be matched with a FL high school science teacher and will work with them to plan the specific time/date of your visit based on your and their availability. NOTE: While most scientists visit their classroom on DNA Day, you can plan your visit on a different day that works with your schedule and that of your match teacher. • You must arrange your own transportation to your assigned school. The vast majority of schools will require a car to visit. If you don’t have a car, please recruit a friend or colleague who can provide transportation to co-present with you! You will receive one gas card per group to offset your travel costs. • You must arrange the details of your visit with your match teacher. By April 6, you will receive your school match and the contact information for your match teacher. It will be your responsibility to get in contact with your match teacher to plan the details of your visit. When you receive your match, we’ll provide a sheet with helpful questions to ask when planning your visit. • You are expected to familiarize yourself with your assigned module in advance so you will be ready to give an exciting and professional presentation to the high school students. All modules come with a ready-made PowerPoint presentation, materials for hands-on activities, and a presenter guide with slide-by-slide presentation tips.
  • Applications are closed. Thank you for your interest.

Host Teachers

  • Based on ambassador availability, we will do our best to accommodate as many classrooms as possible for UF DNA Day 2019. If your classroom is selected, you will be matched with a scientist from UF. Matching occurs in mid-March. You will coordinate with your scientist ambassador to schedule a visit to your school on or around (Dates…). During the visit, the ambassador will teach an interactive and engaging module on DNA repair or Forensics (see (uf dna day website) for more details). In addition, the ambassador will talk with your students about his or her own research and about exciting careers in biotechnology! Please plan to be present during the presentation, as we ask all of our participating teachers to complete a short evaluation of their experience that we use to make UF DNA Day even better. Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you on DNA Day!
  • Applications are closed. Thank you for your interest.