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Researchers put $6 million in USDA grants toward saving citrus industry

The USDA calculates Florida’s citrus industry is producing half the oranges it did four years ago. The culprit? A bacterium called huanglongbing disease or “citrus greening.” Right now, there is no known cure. And, if something isn’t done, the Florida Department of Citrus...
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Bypassing barriers at the bench: For the Cohn research team, a female majority is just another day in the lab

Marty Cohn’s lab at the University of Florida looks about like any other lab. Goofy cartoons on the walls that may or may not reference the lab’s field of research. Pipettes and plastic containers lining the shelves. A small aquarium housing shark egg cases. But after a few...
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Helping dairy cows adjust to a changing climate

Just like dogs, when cows get over-heated, they pant. Long pink pointed tongues hanging down, trying to find some relief. In the Caribbean and South America, dairy cows can rely on more than just trying to find a shady spot, or changing their breathing to relieve the hea...
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