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What is UF DNA Day?

UF DNA Day is an event celebrating everything DNA by bringing UF graduate students and postdocs to high schools virtually in the North Central Florida region. This year DNA Day is going ONLINE! Our goal to interact with students, sharing our scientific passions and research and present virtual interactive lessons about genetics, genomics and biotechnology. This event is an opportunity for high school students to interact with young scientists and builds a culture of outreach and public engagement in science.

Our Mission


To educate Florida high school students about cutting-edge genetics and genomics that are relevant


To introduce students to a young scientist which may demystify career paths that many students have not encountered or thought possible for them


To support Florida science teachers and reinforce their science lessons


To build relationships between major research entities of our state and public school classrooms


To nurture a desire for service and outreach in our young scientist ambassadors that will continue throughout their careers